CMRK is a network of four independent institutions in Graz whose common interest lies in the conveyance of contemporary art within an international context.

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Arrival Graz: Esperantoplatz, Arbeiterkammer (Opening Tour: 10:00)

Departure Graz: 21:30, Visitor and Press Center (Volksgartenstraße 4–6)
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Autumn at Grazer Kunstverein
20 September – 16 November 2018

Preview days: 20 and 21 September, 11am – 6pm
Opening Reception: Saturday 22 September, 2.30pm

Dennis McNulty

Anne Tallentire
Plan (…)

Department of Ultimology
What Where

As part of the Autumn Season at Grazer Kunstverein, two major new commissions by Dennis McNulty and Anne Tallentire are proudly presented, alongside a new project by the Department of Ultimology, realised in cooperation with steirischer herbst 2018.

Both Dennis McNulty and Anne Tallentire are interested in infrastructures and systems, in ideas around architecture, embodiment, latent knowledge and the fourth dimension. Within their uniquely different approaches to expressing ideas and giving form to speculations, their shared interest in understanding world-building through situated human perception makes a compelling point of connection between their individual artistic practices.

What Where is a new project by the Department of Ultimology. Ultimology is the study of that which is dead or dying, absent or endangered. As a methodology for creative and critical analysis, it is being applied to the cultural calendars of the people of Graz and Styria, in an attempt to measure the relationships individuals have with specific moments, events, traditions, rituals and practices unique to their environment. For example the project studies, amongst other things, the maintenance of traditional Styrian costumes (Trachten). A tailor-made questionnaire is available for visitors to reflect on folk or cultural elements specific to their own experience. Influenced by the structuring power of the seasons, the project takes its title from the last known play by Samuel Beckett, commissioned by steirischer herbst festival in 1983.

Dennis McNulty, Homo Gestalt, 2016.
Photo: Rob Battersby